ChromeHero is the all-in-one app for sys admins to run their IT departments.

Move all of your work into one platform:


Our platform directly integrates with your Google Admin Console to sync chromebooks in real-time. We also offer robust support for iPads, hotspots, projectors, etc.


Publish an internal ticket kiosk at any time so that students, staff, and other users can request asset repairs remotely. When you start an asset repair, automatic email updates are sent to stakeholders.


Line items for labor and parts get auto-populated in your repair invoices based on the actual work done and real parts used. Include all parents and guardians in these emails with one click.


Create a centralized parts inventory for your district that sends you low stock alerts. Whenever a tech installs a part, it gets automatically deducted from your inventory.


Quickly gauge security risks across your asset fleets with OS version monitoring and auto- update expiration alerts. Answer important data questions across your entire system.

We’ve been provided a roadmap for success by ChromeHero. Their eco-system has been easy to use and has solved many of our district’s shortfalls we faced with other services. We can’t wait to see where they’ll lead us next.”

Ben Higgins

Technology Coordinator, Springville-Griffith Institute

Frequently Asked Questions:

How is my price determined?

We charge annually based on the total count of tracked assets across your organization. If there are certain types or particular OUs which you don’t want to include, we can simply exclude them.

Do you integrate with my SIS?

We have 3 proven methods for SIS integration, depending on the tools you already use:

Native Integration: for only the most popular SIS platforms, we are able to directly connect via API. We handle this on a case by case basis.

OneRoster Integration: we are currently integrated with Clever while our integration with Classlink is slated for completion in Dec. 2021.

FTP/SFTP Connection: even our most basic connection to your system or service can still rapidly update and change data at-will across several different modules.

What kind of assets do you support?

In general, we support all assets types (chromebooks, iPads, hotspots, etc) with a varying degree of functionality. Based on how you already store and track your assets, we have 3 different kinds of support for assets:

Native Assets: Chromebooks for example may already existing within your Google Admin Console, which we directly sync with to keep their metadata updated. As you control which organizational unit paths (OUs) sync with ChromeHero and the values of their annotated fields, this is the most full-featured type of asset we support.

Custom Assets: Custom assets are a flexible record with customizable fields, most commonly used to track secondary assets such as hotspots, cases, chargers, etc.

Fixed Assets: Permanent or “fixed” assets can easily be created and notated within our system, getting locked to a particular location. This is our most basic functionality.

How long does it take to get set up?

The most time-intensive portion of our onboarding is when our data engineers wait to receive your data from multiple systems. If all of your data across ticketing, inventory, assets, etc, is well organized, we can spin up your ChromeHero environment within just a couple hours.

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